So, from what I’ve heard, the fans of the game League of Legends are upset that Twitch Plays Pokemon has become more popular than LoL. Their big plan? Rally together, hack the stream, and release every single Pokemon to ruin the game….

Now I normally make it a rule to stay out of internet arguments, youtube comments, and tumblr battles because they’re usually just a cesspool of fuckwads and retards circlejerking each other hard.

That being said, my jimmies were successfully and significantly rustled by this post and I feel compelled to put up a defense for Destiny (Steven Bonnell II) because so many people refuse to do any fucking research before spouting their mouths off. And so, I made a tumblr account just to do so. In direct response to this post, I can honestly say I have no idea what the LoL community is up to vs TPP. What I -do- know is that Destiny has been removed from the LoL scene for MONTHS, and tbh he wasn’t really into the whole scene anyway.

So DISCLAIMER: anything I say below is on Destiny’s behalf, and not in defense of the LoL community.
To begin,

"But what these guys are trying to do is just piss in everyone’s Coke because their game isn’t quite as popular."
You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. In terms of facts, this one’s just wrong. For the most part, Destiny has always played what he wanted to play despite his viewer count. When he plays SC2, his viewer count averages around 5-6k, when he played LoL, it averaged around 1-2k, and recently he’s been playing EVE, getting him around 800-1k viewers. His response to people complaining that he’s not playing x game has always been “don’t watch it then,” or “go watch something else.”

He does what he wants, (which I’ll get to more specifically in a minute) and his “attack” on TPP is ANYTHING BUT being mad that “TPP has become more relevant than him.” That’s just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and if you knew ANYTHING about Destiny instead of what you read on tumblr/twitter in your little circle jerk, then you’d know it to be untrue.

If you can’t come to accept that, then don’t even bother to continue reading. To understand Destiny’s motivation, you  need to understand what exactly TPP is. This seems to be the source of the problem since no one can seem to settle on one idea. UGH this actually makes me so mad, because the definition is RIGHT ON THE FUCKING TPP PAGE.
"It was created as an experiment to test the viability of this format, the way people interact with the input system and the way they interact socially with each other."

FIRST OF ALL, it’s an EXPERIMENT; NOT  A GAME. IF THE PURPOSE OF TPP was to “Beat the Game,” then yeah, Destiny trying to kill Bird Jesus would be directly in opposition of this goal. But it’s a fucking experiment, and not only that, but it’s meant to test how people interact SOCIALLY with each other.

TPP TOTALLY expected alliances, an explosion on Reddit, groups coming together to achieve one thing or another. So why the fuck are you getting butthurt about someone’s interests being different than your own? Just because a majority thinks something doesn’t mean it’s correct or the right way to do something. The ONLY reason people are getting butthurt is because he’s going against the majority. It just goes to show how fucking pathetic each and every one of you who’s offended over this is. I know I only started actively paying attention to this when groups started to form and conflict arose. Before that it was just mindless, spammy boredom.

There’s really no argument here, if you want to believe what you read about Destiny, then go for it. If you think he’s a dick for trying to kill your Bird Jesus, fine. If you think he’s just doing it for attention, whatever. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, whether it’s composed of 90% fact or none.

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